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Not a team, but a family.

The team at a textile company is composed of a wide variety of individuals, each of whom has an important role to play in the company's success. At the head of the team is the company's CEO, who is responsible for setting the overall vision and direction of the company and guiding the team to success. The team also includes an operations manager, who oversees the day-to-day activities of the production process, as well as a sales manager, who is responsible for developing and executing the company's marketing and sales strategies. Additionally, the team includes designers, who use their artistic talents to create new and innovative fabrics, as well as fabric technologists, who use their expertise to create fabrics with specific properties and characteristics. Lastly, the team also includes a variety of support staff, including customer service representatives and administrative personnel, who help to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. All of these individuals work together to create quality textile products that meet the needs of their customers.


We believe in the spirit of collaborating and placing individuals first. For that reason, we always engage in teamwork and work toward a shared objective. We believe teamwork maximizes individuals’ strengths to deliver their utmost performance. Thereby, despite of all the racial and religious differences, we ensure unity amongst all our workforce and management thus creating a synergistic workplace where we all work together like a family blurring the lines of our differences.


P.N. Composite Ltd. is a socially responsible company, which aims to contribute towards the development

of its workers and serving its customers with utmost satisfaction. In this regard we have organize nutrition program,

greeting new born babies & moms, day care facilities, fire drill awareness training, provide group insurance scheme,

fitness club facilities, host iftar party, moreover we have prayer facilities for all our employees.


We have designed training for our employees to enhance their knowledge about safety and

human rights issues. The training’s are designed to help increase productivity, as well as the long-term

employ-ability of industry workers. These new skills training initiative will help to increase employee skills.

Our training partners include Datch-Bangla Bank, Jibika, giz, impactt, SUDOKKHO, ACCORD, ALLIANCE, ipa etc.

Bank Account & Debit Card Charge
When an employee joins ‘PNCL’, they are given a Dutch-Bangla Bank Salary Account at free of charge. Also, we are providing a yearly debit card fee (charged by the bank) to our worker’s salary account consistently.
Group Insurances
We are the first organization in Bangladesh to introduce the compulsory group insurance scheme which offers 2 lac compensation for every normal death of workers at the factory premises.
Annual Wage Increment
Motivating our workers is very important to us to get the best outcome. Therefore after effectively completing the first year, wages can be raised up to 10 percent for an overall improvement in the employee performance for all employees.
Awareness & Training
We have designed many training sessions for our staff to increase awareness & skills which includes Fire Drill Awareness Training, Basic Fire Safety Training, Skill Development Training, Counseling etc.


Paid Leave
All employees of PNCL have the opportunity to take 10 days of casual leave each year. They can also receive up to 18 extra days off. Furthermore, 14 days of paid annual sick leave are also granted.
Festival Bonus
Every festival is important to us that’s why we give festival bonuses, all employees of PNCL receive 2 bonuses a year for festivals like Puja, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Christmas and so on, so that everyone can have a happy occasion.
Meal Facilities
In exchange for ensuring high productivity, we strive to provide a proper balanced diet for all our employees. Meal facilities are accessible for our entry level & mid-level management employees.
Primary Health Care
We have a primary health care facility on-site with two full-time doctors accessible for all PN team members; offering free general check-ups, first aid and medication.
Maternity Benefit
In response to the betterment of our employees we provide Maternity Leaves. Our employees get a 16 weeks (paid) Maternity leaves as per our commitment.
Compensation of Injuries
We intend to make our workplace safe for all our employees. In response to that, we have a health care facility for any workplace injuries. It is possible to pay for injuries beyond our counseling.
Incentive Pay
We have an extra payment for our employees for accomplishing a specific goal, where our employees can receive extra pay for outstanding performance.
Leave Encashment
Any employee of our factory can get a leave encashment. A yearly leave encashment benefit is awarded to all of our workers so that the workers get the right payment that they deserve.
Fitness Club
We provide our team PN members with gym facility along with all the contemporary equipment where our employees can take care of their physical health a little more.
Employees Prayer Facilities
We respect all religions & beliefs. In response to that we have separate prayer rooms for our male and female employees. We also have a temple & prayer rooms for people with other religious beliefs.




Formal complaint mechanism in the plant will be strengthened.

Worker accommodation facilities, hospitals and academic institutions will be constructed.

Mandatory gender-sensitive training for all workers will be conducted.

 A standard of education for female employees will be established.

More Daycare Centers will be provided at community level.

There will be awareness-raising programs for employees and mid-level management to guarantee they know the workers’ rights.

To keep pace with the automation process, a long-term skill development plan will be introduced.


Tel: +88(02) 8835224
Fax:+88(02) 883 5225



Corporate HQ

Flat # 9,
House # 03,
Road # 20,
Gulshan-1 Dhaka-1212

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