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Welcome to the heart of textile innovation and sustainability – our state-of-the-art textile factory, where creativity intertwines with environmental consciousness. Nestled within our bustling facility is a dynamic production line that orchestrates the creation of 40 tons of meticulously crafted knit fabric each day.

As you step into our facility, you'll witness a symphony of textile mastery unfolding before your eyes. At the core of our operations lies a seamless integration of knitting, dyeing, finishing, and an array of textile embellishment processes, harmonizing to bring forth exquisite fabrics that captivate the senses.

But our commitment extends far beyond mere production. We are stewards of sustainability and guardians of the environment. Every aspect of our textile unit is meticulously designed with environmental preservation in mind. From the moment raw materials enter our premises, we embark on a journey of resource efficiency and eco-consciousness.

Effluent water treatment facilities stand as sentinels, ensuring that our manufacturing processes leave no ecological footprint. We harness the power of clean energy, recycling and reusing energy throughout our operations, infusing each garment and textile with the spirit of sustainability.

Join us as we redefine the landscape of textile manufacturing, where innovation meets responsibility, and every thread weaves a story of environmental stewardship. Welcome to our textile factory – where creativity, sustainability, and excellence converge to shape a brighter, greener tomorrow.


At P.N. Composite Ltd, we pride ourselves in being equipped with a wide range of other machinery beyond ensuring excellent production while producing quality products. We also use state-of-the-art facilities to treat water discharge from our dyeing unit (ETP, WTP, and ZLD projects). We have also incorporated other means of technology to ensure minimizing the wastage of fabrics and other natural resources at all costs.

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Knitting is the process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or other types of material. It is one of the oldest textile arts and has been practised for centuries. Knitting is used to create garments, accessories, and home decor items such as blankets and cushions. It can also be used to create art pieces.

Knitting involves two basic techniques: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. The knit stitch is created by inserting the needle from the back of the fabric and pulling a loop of yarn through it. The purl stitch is created by inserting the needle from the front of the fabric and pulling a loop of yarn through it. By combining these basic stitches, more complex patterns can be created.

Knitting can be done by hand or with a knitting machine. Hand knitting is usually done with two needles and yarn, but circular knitting needles can also be used for larger projects. Knitting machines are automated devices that use a series of needles to knit fabric.



Our advanced dyeing facilities ensure the most vibrant and accurate set of colours, double-checked for colourfastness. We pride ourselves on using AZO-free colours to protect our stakeholders from preventing any hazardous situation. Our dyeing facility has a capacity of 40 tons per day with ‘High-Temperature Specialized Dyeing Machines’ and ‘Sophisticated Soft Flow Machines’ for colouring CVC, Lycra, PC and Polyester etc.

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The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”. Our on-site colour lab specialises in inspecting the colour requirements presented by our respective buyers. Along with technical support, our lab is responsible for ensuring sustainably sourced dyes for our production process to provide prime quality and prevent any harm to the environment.

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The lab also creates a simulation of all the different real-life situations in which our products may incur. These tests include the wing the fabric, shrinkage, and other fabric features to ensure that our products meet all quality standards and the desired fabric specifications.

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